Trees for Bees produces a number of publications, including articles, planting guides and plant lists, research papers and conference proceedings.

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Latest news from Trees for Bees, including recent articles, guides and news updates.


Trees for Bees regularly publishes articles in the NZ Beekeeper Magazine and other relevant publications.  Articles are reprinted here with permission.

Research Papers

Research papers published in magazines, journals and conference proceedings.  Papers are reprinted here with permission.

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Conference presentations, workshop papers and videos.


Introductory planting brochures to help get you started.

Regional Plant Guides

Bee forage plant guides for each region in New Zealand

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How to Plant Guides

Planning and implementing bee forage planting. Includes Trees for Bees Master Plant List.

Star Performer Bee Plants

Star performer bee plants are the best of the best. They rank as star performers because they maximise nutrition by having any combination of one or more of flowering timing, profusion and quality of pollen, and ease of access for and preference by bees.

Bees, Flowers & Pollen

Flowers and bees, pollen analysis and pollen profiles.